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Le Bab: Redefining Kebabs with Michelin-trained Chefs


Are you looking for a kebab experience unlike any other? Look no further than Le Bab.
Le Bab are a group of passionate chefs who are redefining the classic kebab, using fresh, high-quality ingredients and innovative techniques.
Le Bab's award-winning kebabs are a delicious fusion of tradition and modern culinary flair.

Le Bab is your one-stop shop for an exceptional kebab experience.
Not your average kebab shop; Le Bab take fresh, high-quality ingredients and combine them with culinary expertise to create kebabs that are both familiar and exciting.

8 Weeks

Website Design, Branding

Crafted with Care: A Website as Delicious as the Food

Designing Le Bab's website wasn't a solo act, it was a symphony of creativity. We partnered with the Le Bab team, meticulously crafting every detail to reflect their brand identity. Every color choice, font selection, and image placement was a collaborative decision, ensuring a website that resonates with both the brand and its audience. The result? A digital masterpiece that not only entices hungry visitors but also embodies the heart of Le Bab.

More than just aesthetics, Le Bab's website is a user-friendly feast for the eyes. We poured over every detail, ensuring smooth navigation and clear information architecture. Whether you're craving a delicious meal or searching for the nearest location, finding what you need is effortless. This user-centric approach, combined with captivating visuals, creates a digital experience that reflects Le Bab's commitment to both culinary excellence and guest satisfaction.

Colors that Entice

MINE SHAFT and white: a simple yet sophisticated choice for our website.
It lets our food shine while keeping things modern and clean.
Browse locations or explore our menu - this calming palette makes it easy on the eyes.

Fonts that Engage

Raleway fonts are Le Bab's digital voice.
Clear and easy on the eyes, they make navigating menus and locations a breeze.
This timeless choice complements the minimalist color scheme for a stylish and user-friendly experience.

Connecting Dots

Ready to get started on your website design project?

Stack Innovations delivered an exceptional website for, exceeding my expectations with their expertise and guidance. The result is a beautiful, user-friendly website that perfectly captures my vision.


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